Movie : LOOTERA (Time to redefine Bollywood’s exaggerated love)

Just praise for Lootera.First Udaan and now lootera ,and the way Vikramaditya Motwane indianised the The Last Leaf is truly mesmerising.

It’s a beautiful journey where you find yourself in the 50′s era,full marks to choreographer and art director ,make-up peoples and whole team..Nothing is exaggerated and things happened in the movie like they should happen in the real life.The way Sonakshi Sinha portrayed Pakhi was surprising,What a relevation it is ! Ranveer Singh is going to get a huge female fan following after this.Their screen presence and eye talk ( * A rare commodity now) is marvellous.

Amitabh Bhattacharya and Amit Trivedi ,this duo whenever meets create sheer magic.Special mention for one background score in the chase scene when Ranveer Singh (Varun) starts tapping the tea cup and music started,bit short yet  reminded me of typewriting score of Atonement.All songs are beautiful and creates a jungle of choices for soulful music lover (*Zinda my favorite).

Most people may find the end intriguing but for me it was the best possible ending.

i now wonder what Vikramaditya Motwane is going to create next !

Random Things:

my first one so  small one and i don’t mean any spoiler.

The bracket part is due to my friend who i told after the show that such movies still needs 2-3 years to be a blockbuster,then he was like no way,this movie is going to be bumper hit.I hope so for it too but deep down the fate of Ghanchakkar gives me headache.There was a huge buzz for movie YJHD and no word for good movies.The pain increased exponentially when in my suggestions i saw Tees Maar Khan 2 lakhs+like, SERIOUSLY ?

If you have read “The Last Leaf “then you may not fully enjoy second half,still i was happy to see the changes from india’s perception(no exaggeration).



  1. Ok Nothing like that in recent times in hindi film industry, but It will soon shadowed by Ship of Theseus by Anand Gandhi (Must watch hindi movie this year IMHO). With eye of critic, I found characters were not taken care of as was the flow of story which was nice by the way. Or may be this kind of movie does not require character building but strong supporting characters which will be missed here. Outdoor scenes should have been worked out more in order to give periodic look. One film comes to my mind after seeing this is The Deep Blue Sea. Music , songs , cinematography were glue to the theme. Finally keep calm and go watch Lootera for bollywood coming out of age bit by bit.

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