FOOTBALL: What i expect in Arsenal’s transfers ?

Somehow or say an inspiring win at Allianz Arena gave us our precious champions league spot, thanks to Koscielny’s  30 million goal. A lot of fans were angry on Arsenal’s last day’s celebration including many arsenal legends. First of all I would like to accept that I am not one of them. Why shouldn’t they celebrate? They had achieved near impossible target again keeping our rivals again in our shadows and in the situation when odd have been supporting them. Also this 30 million is so important for club like arsenal who doesn’t believe in spending owner’s money (*a rare thing now a days).It gave us extra money to spend, and it is believed that Arsene has 70 million in transfer kitty and he can lure players to play for champions league.

Till now arsenal’s transfer has disappointed me, I don’t want a 2011 summer transfer rush again.  So, it would be better to seal the deal soon so they can adapt to our club philosophy.


What I want?

My Priority:

  1. Striker:

Last season we started so weak in front of the goal .In my perception, Walcott scored a lot of goals last year but I don’t think he is perfect for striker position in 4-3-3 style. Only if we play 4-4-2, then he can be beneficial for us. Last season we tried Podolski too but he didn’t have that much success to rely upon him and let’s not talk about Gervinho. So we are in dire need of a proven striker.

Higuian: Feasible

Suarez:  Distant dream

And if Higuain deal will not happen then I will never forget Arsene for not signing Villa.

      2.   Dead Ball Specialist /Midfielder :

Apart from few good free kicks, I felt it is the one place which needs the improvement most. After cazorla signing, I thought he could he could do the job but he couldn’t. So I like Rooney’s transfer rumors , maybe he is shrek , hated by Gooners  and blah blah…but he is apt for the job also he can act as a striker or a good attacking midfielder.

             Attacking midfielder

Last season we mostly used SANTI or ROSICKY (when santi played on left wing).It’s true that santi scored a lot of goals and assited very well considering it was his first season. Still he misses that flair or ability to find those sweet little gaps like Fab used to find. Rosicky’s run can create havoc to any defense but you can’t trust him for full season .One option is Wilshere but we can’t take that risk. So a good attacking midfielder would be vital for us.

     3.    Goal keeper

With Vito gone, we need a goalkeeper too. Wojeich can do the job but he needs one or two year  to mature .An established keeper will surely be good for both our youngster .

I want Julio cesar, he can come cheaply and do his job

     4 .   Defensive midfielder

With Ramsey and Arteta doing job very well (*in last part of the season), I don’t see Arsene buying anyone. Still a tall, strong DM would be welcomed

     5.   Defender:

The biggest disappointment in this transfer would be Koscielny’s departure will all the Biggie’s lurking. There is no buzz for Vermaelen right now but you never know. If three of them (Per , Kos and  ver ) stay  ,then just for Debth ,we can buy a defender(no need to splash too much money).Otherwise Sagna/Miquel  can do the job.

And for christ’s sake ,sell all the dead wood (park , Chamakh , *Gervinho).




  1. Nice post. IMO we should be running a 4-4-2, you would see much better production from Walcott and Gervinho. I enjoy watching Gervinho’s runs. Beautiful moves untill he thinks to much. He will succeed wherever he goes.

  2. 4-4-2 would be good considering Giroud should play most of the matches.In 4-3-3 all the air supply go waste.Remember ! Ramsey’s goal while giroud took the header,also walcott wants to play upfront and Sagna remains alone in the wing and play the ball behind or looses the possesion.
    My problem with Gervinho is his weak foot and similar run down the flank (*lack of creativity ) and your point.

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