FOOTBALL: NAPOLI_ Another Toress-Carroll saga or one step forward.

Finally Higuain settled in Napoli…good for him.But it’s time to analyze if it’s good for napoli from financial reasons and sporting reasons or it’s a blunder.

Financial reasons:

from financial point of view it’s one of the worst deal as per me.How can you give more than 35 million pound to a player who wasn’t on the priority list of Europe’s elites.Only one big club who was willing to  buy was ARSENAL and they very well got out of the race at right time.

Now think for a moment ,Arsenal wanted to give 22-23 million then real said it’s going to be worth 30million.And when we reached 1-2 million short of that sum (Yea…Wenger does this always) then thay started saying he is not for sale or give us 40 million.40 million for higuain , perfect time to take interest in Suarez who has a 40 million buy out clause.Now media can target suarez all day long and every manager in epl criticizes him but deep down every manager and club wants him.If you watch Liverpool play,then you must know…he is a pin in the ass.Always pressing , running and nutmeg defenders.Previous season he solely saved liverpool more embarrassment before his eagerness to taste Ivanovic (who can resist ! he looks delicious 😀 )He was the strong contender of PFA player of the year.

In between, napoli popped with bag full of money from cavani sale.Obviously they needed a striker and a world class striker but with such big money , it is pure nonsense business.With ARSENAL going out of the race they could have saved their 5 million or after more waiting more sum of money.

This whole scenario reminded me of Toress- carroll saga.Sell for 50 million and buy for 35 million in a hurry . I know , Higuain is no carroll still nothing right in splashing big money like Man City and Chelsea with FFP coming close.


Sporting Reasons

from game point of view , Napoli needed a big name striker after cavani settling in France.They needed a striker who can score goals regularly.As per me, Higuain is not the striker who defenders is going to fear especially in Italy.still he is good in scoring in the box.

i only have the worry after watching him in RM. With the best assembled team in the world , he never looked that deadly. Even my RM supporting friends will get angry after his silly misses.One reason may be the pressure to perform well because he was the second choice after Benzema.He is surely going to miss best wing supply possible from RM in Napoli set up. HE is not a big name who is going to attract more good players.Only hope is that, Higuain is the player who Benitez wanted and looks like he is determined to bring all the second choice RM player’s to Napoli.It’s a napoli gamble taken on Benitez faith on Higuain not on Higuain.

If somehow , Higuain doesn’t succeed  and Napoli misses out on CL berth then its going to be biggest blunder for napoli and will take them from where they started.Then Napoli will not be able to sell Higuain even on the half price what they have paid.





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