MOVIE:Election(Clash between oppsite poles)

I recently saw the election series and have to admit it’s  brutally beautiful.I didn’t wondered when  i knew Tarantino had labelled it as “Best movie of the year”.


This movie is simple in its plot,people fighting for song’s society chairman post.In 1st part i.e election there are two main character named Big D and Lok.Big D as the name suggests is big in its dreams,ego,Blabbers a lot and got no patience.On the other hand Lok eyes talks throughout the movie.He is calm and thoughtful.He respects the traditions whereas Big D thinks winning is everything and can go to any depth to achieve this. Movie opening sequence is beautiful where Big D goes to bribe one uncle(Small head of each department ) and tells one of his associate to eat the beautiful spoon.To everyone’s surprise ,He eats it making everyone surprised on and off the screen.That was Jet and at that moment any thoughtful viewer can get the clue that he is going to be an important and fearful one.Big D strategy seemed to work but uncle cheng who can be viewed as the Godfather or GOD(i had a feeling he can see the future) intervened and everybody voted for Lok.In the meantime,police arrested all the main people of society and says uncle teng to keep the election simple , they didn’t wanted any bloodbath.Uncle teng straightforward asks Big D and  declared the imminent war is the only solution due to Big D stubbornness.Now here comes the tradition importance. Lok Orders to find and bring the chairman baton from china, its important for him since he knew the values of tradition, brotherhood, and responsibilities attached to it.This task look simple but it wasn’t.It consisted of all three young uprising characters Jimmy,Jet (Spoon eater 🙂 ) and Kun which you know that they are going to be next big things. Batons arrives safely,Lok comes out of the jail.He takes the baton from jimmy (son of the uncle who was in porn business),who was in complex mood, Lok tells him to help him one time and persuades him to give the baton.

Now comes the best part of controlling the imminent war.Lok does it very well by first bailing the Big D then offering him big money.Otherwise he says, he is ready for the war. This is filmed in an epic style,he offers him these things in a running car with Big D people and his wife persuading him.the car stops at red light…Lok says if he is taking the deal then stay in the car otherwise step out of the car.Everybody’s silent and thinking what’s it going to be with Big D’s wife aptly portraying the viewer.Big D takes the deal as it was the demand of the demand of the situation.Then Big D and Lok took over a new territory with a master plan.Now they were the king of the world and celebrates on an open roof (i think open roof and sea sides are metaphor for big movie celebration). Everything look calm and friendly,Big D and Lok were fishing with their family .Big D as an anxious fella blabbers…these fishes are blind etc etc show his no patience behavior.Where Lok catches fishes with his calm smile and patience.

Big D’s wife goes out for sometime taking Lok’s son as lookout.Big D starts talking business…how in one society there are two chairman…it is useful if one of them dies or bring more money.Lok hear him out calmly and deep down even a concerned viwer thinks what Lok is thinking…Big D is greedy and he will take over the position with one first chance he will get.Lok kills him brutally by smashing her with a big stone repeatedly.the scene is so brutally filmed that you want Lok to stop.Big D’s wife and Lok’s son see it…Lok orders his son to go to the car and then kills Big D’s wife too.Then he buries both in the same grave.He comes to the car and you can feel the fear from His son’s expression.His son was trembling and was looking his father’s face in the mirror.It feels like a long lasting impression in the boy’s mind.The movie ends with driving.

The one character which leaves an ever lasting impression is Lok.His facial expression says it all.One can only image at his end scene violence.Director’s leave Jimmy to shine in 2nd part.

-I love crime genre and bring it with authenticated and realistic touch i will embrace it any time.The build up is so beautiful that you indulge yourself unknowingly.

-This movie also shows the clash of the old and the new,the tradition and the arrogance.

-Thank you Johnnie for such bloody beautiful movie.


I am quite angry with IMDb due to lack of its content for these part of the cinematic world.

Next i will talk about Triad Election its sequel.


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