It’s a disaster, a complete disaster. I wonder how the season ticket holders are fighting with such pain. This is 2013-2014 season and I was too optimistic about this season and why not, all the relevant reasons were present.Image



>We had successfully qualified for CL (like it was a trophy) which I didn’t like , I know it’s give you proper opportunity  to spend, to improve the squad, to attract big name…But it also gives Mr. Stubborn Wenger and useless board a new excuse to show faithful gunners ray of hope.

>For the first time in previous 6-7 year, we were able to retain our best players. But I will add only Walcott (He signed the deal) and Koscielny (He is a gamble and not that big name) to such player category; no big team wanted any of our other players this year.

>Large chunk of money to spend—we have been told , that Arsenal have 70-120 million to spend and it looked like we meant business, when we moved for all the big names who can be signed, I don’t want to write all the names and you all will be bored  after reading such a long list.

>Dead Wood clearanceonly good thing that arsenal has done to clear its dead wood except Park Chu Young and Bendtner (he is waiting for a Real Madrid call).

>Pre-season to groom youngsters (*Seriously)…it’s a routine thing for Mr. Wenger, yet I suspect any of the big names had such a hectic schedule. And all of our main team players were there, let’s say it’s fine, but I can never understand what’s the use of a whole pre-season if you bring Santi (not present in pre-season…tired and cost us second goal) before all well, proven natural winger Podolski.

>Season End Amazing performance—how Arsenal finished in top four is a miracle or I will say the solid defensive performance. Performances of Ramsey, Ox, Gibbs was solid in the end and we have great hopes from them. Also Wilshere was not in closing time of season so he got proper rest.


Lower Hand

>No marquee signing yet—and I seriously doubt it now. we lost all the big names either by margin of 1-2 million or we couldn’t persuade them.

  >Are our negotiators blind or Dumb?  We went all out for Suarez without even knowing the loophole in his clause. It’s a clear win-win situation for Liverpool. First they are holding their best player of last season and with the team they have assembled they are a serious contender for top four and also who wants to fight with arsenal for a penny.

> Super Sanogo? –He is injury prone, free transfer and I thought he was going to partner with Chuba Akpom not with Giroud any time soon. And here it is, he is our only summer signing, if you want to count it.

>3-1 win over Man City: Why the hell we won that day, we should have lost shamefully then only we could have got our season opener three points. This win gave Mr. Wenger more confidence in saying we want quality players and now we are bidding for Cabaye and Kongdobiya(seriously I can’t spell his name right) and Michu for last option (From Suarez,Rooney,Higuain,Jovetic etc to Michu…Mr. Wenger talking about quality).

>Mr. Wenger’s way of evaluation: Grow up mister Wenger …market has changed. Now a days we have 6-7 Chelsea or Real Madrid working in transfer market…they can spend any money to buy any name they want.FFP is just a joke till now or they will make new ways to beat it.


>Loss of bargaining power: Every club knows we need players urgently to field a team of eleven players and we have got money to spend then obviously no one is going to sell us even at players inflated price.


Next 10-12 days are going to be very important for our club and Wenger’s future. Even with 2-3 additions, I feel we are not in a situation to challenge the title since they take time in settling(in Arsenal’s case at least one season) and our medical room is full of tired and broken stars.

Lets just hope we win any trophy this season, finish top 4 somehow(i think we have become master of this art) and get rid of Mr. Wenger and bring some new personality.



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