No one had a clue about it. The Gooners were so frustrated that we could have been happy with any penny spent on any unknown player with a hope of bright future(shhhhh!).



Last day of transfer window and we hadn’t spent a single penny. We got sanogo and Flamini on free transfer. As per me, Flamini isn’t a bad signing. He knows the Arsenal way of playing, he is still 29,he wants to revive his career so he will surely show hunger to get playing time and when all fit would  act as best cover. And who knows, if he can attain his best again. One important thing is he will not cry over lack of playing time. Due to World cup, every player wants to get full time and impress their nation selectors or keep them at his best. Many Summer transfer has been governed by this factor this summer…like Luiz Gustavo (He had a conversation with his coach before moving to a low-profile club) and David Villa (who could have thought that low transfer amount…what a Bargain!).

Sanogo is far from able to play in main team. He surely needs 1-2 years or we need blessings from lord HESKEY for Sanogo’s sudden transformation.

Now leave the free part and let’s talk about some money. Ohm wait…We got another player on loan with an option to buy.

This all started after Wenger’s comment about surprising all Even though ,most of the fans thought we aren’t going to bring a marquee signing, Wenger’s way to surprise…yep he is that good a teaser. Only hope  was “DOMINO EFFECT” created by BALE.I was only little certain about Di Maria but the rumor mills were churning out news  that we are going to raid RM with 80 million for Özil, Di Maria and Benzy. I had tough time stopping myself from laughing out loud. Stop this bullshit media were my only thoughts.

Özil is pure beauty,Di maria is imperfect beauty. He shoots like he has no idea where the post is, yet his runs create havoc and dribble creates havoc in opposition defenses. Above all, I like him most in RM so this transfer would have been cool for me.

But suddenly thing changed with reports flying that we are in for a big German midfield name. Everybody had guessed Draxler but name turned out to be Özil. Seriously he was such an integral part of RM, a supper assist machine …no way.

These things created madness on transfer deadline day for Gooners all around the world. It all creates a bedlam in mind when you are bombarded with that much reliable, unreliable, non-sense data. You start reading all the previous reports (I am not going anywhere-Özil), little ago activity (*one of my friend sending me video link of bale presentation where fan’s are shouting don’t sell Özil) and current news of Özil medical in Germany. What an emotional roller caster ! These things were killing me and only helpful pain inducing friend was a pack of cigarettes. I smoked when there is no new development report, when new player name surfaces, when you hear about setbacks, when you hear about a Douche bag club trying to hijack the deal, when you hear Zizou stopping the deal…there’s a bundle of reasons.

In between this madness, Viviano loan deal was announced. Not bad considering our injury track record. Le proff. Must have seen something in him also it will create more fight for No. 1 place. One thing is for sure, Manager has complete belief in both pole Shot stoppers.

Things started to become clearer with reliable news of Özil signing for arsenal. I don’t care about the money; he is worth every penny for any price. Still I hadn’t 100%n belief till official announcement. It happened before half hour of transfer deadline day ending. This announcement is the best thing I have ever seen on Arsenal’s site. All the fans went crazy with #Özilisagooner trending worldwide and arsenal’s players getting excited too showing their delight on German’s arrival. I was so much in disbelief that I told my fellow gooner that whole Internet has been hacked when the report didn’t went out after page refreshing. I don’t want to talk about his record or whatever only thing I would like to say that “He is the superhero we needed!

Thank you Perez.

After that, only smiles were all around for me. Me and my Friend thought to celebrated it in a more grand way by teasing a RM fan but he refused to open the door,HAHAHAHA. These days when there’s shitty international break is going on, I am busy in thinking about the beautiful game shown by beautiful arsenal’s midfield. Who cares about Ba’s failed deal, we have Poldi and Theo to play upfront …not to forget we still got special Bendtner and January transfer window.

Come on you Gunners…Its time to RISE.


=I can’t wait to start PL.

=I am going to buy an away jersey with Özil on back 🙂



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