Aaron Ramsey (Steel Heart Killer)

First of all, I want to clear one thing. I never criticized Ramsey for his performance, I always criticized Le Proff. For Ramsey’s dismal performance in the past. He always played him in the wide position where he can’t play easily, now people are saying how it was Wenger’s masterstroke. He wanted to make him he complete player on the expense of what loosing matches, trophy far in sight. For me, league matches isn’t the place for experiments and giving all shades to a player who had came from a career threatening injury. He may have become more confident with players around in short spaces in midfield but the real thing is Rambo is giving his best while playing at his preferred position. All things came into place when Wenger started playing Ramsey in his suitable position and it was one most important reason why we are playing in champions league while our shitty neighbors are celebrating Happy St, Totteringham day in disguise.


Now talking about Ramsey, from a young prodigy to a fallen warrior to a criticized killer to all favorites, this journey looks like a fairytale and unimaginable. But faith can bring miracles. If you still don’t believe in such theory then watch some Bollywood mainstream movies, they are full of such exaggerated shits. Looks like I am diverting so back to the point, man oh man just put you in Ramsey’s position and feel what he has been through. Touted as the next big thing landing on one of the greatest club (*he chose Arsenal instead of Man U ),giving promising performance and getting a career threatening injury at the time when you  are transitioning. Now back to the zero and it can only be Rambo’s mental strength to come back running, playing at any position Boss wanted to play (even played on right-back position).The worst part is even your own supporters start to feel suspicious. But he carried on and just when he started getting feet on ground again, he lost his mentor and biggest believer Gary Speed…Another mental setback. Just try to feel the mental pressure, and the agony of not scoring when you are always there in scoring positions. Yet the BOSS never hesitated and always kept him in the mix and now watch the result. He is banging goals week after week playing at deep midfield position (*Ramsey in his last 6 games for Arsenal = 6 goals. His previous 105 games = 6 goals). That’s the difference between Wenger and all other oil and mafia money filled managers.


I still criticize wenger, so do your experiments on training ground and use the player where they are supposed to play. It is no time for experiment; football has sadly lost this part of football’s beauty. Developing players has become a rare thing

Only regret I will have why I didn’t buy Ramsey in FPL earlier.


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