ARSENAL:Thank You International Break this time

Injury and international break are two very biggest die-hard fan of arsenal.We always know deep in the heart that we are going to loose our 2-3 player in international break and injury of 1-2 weeks turns out to be a 3 month injury.Ask any Arsenal fan who are accustomed to such things.For a laugh,Tottenham lost the match 3-0 at their home …HAHAHA.

We drew our last match with west brom.Not bad since they were on a high note after beating Manchester United at old trafford  and against arsenal they were at home.We  were playing for 6 match days including champions league matches with nearly same team.Our squad debth is not there and we were with wing players.Somehow we survived this time or say with team spirit we did very well.November and december is going to be the time when we are going to play against all big name and very important champions league,Capital one cup and FA cup matches.This is the time which decides the league topper and tires a team.We are going to get 4-5 most important player fresh after international break fighting for their positions.Ox,Poldi,Rosicky,Sagna,Santi,Walcott all are not going on international break.Walcott and Santi Our wing attack 🙂 is going to join the team on 19th and soon we will get Ox and podolski.This will be a very tough situation for wenger to select a team especially in the mid field.On left i think Le Proff will favor Santi and on right Walcott.I think podolski and Ox will have to fight again for his place in the team.

In short all is going well with arsenal right know i just pray that no body get a scratch in national duty.


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