That Thin Line

Frankly saying, that thin line between sharing and not sharing has been depleted to a limit that people can’t decide either to say something or to stop,they will keep talking…digital world is making us hopeless extroverts,i suppose.

A lot of people label it as frankness…yeah they watch all foreign TV series and they are uber cool.They live in an utopian world where they project themselves as Barney or Chandler but only problem with them is that the friends in real world uses your inner shared things as a mocking tool in future if they are not your school friends.

few think it as the content to improve their foot print in digital world…screw real world , I am a football addict and will update all scores and troll football trolls, I don’t need to play on ground in evening in my club jersey, it’s just to prove the world that I am a football lover.If you don’t believe it then just take a look at the irregular faces in TV room,they will only emerge from heaven if their will be an El classico mostly.They will share all Barney Stinsonand Bob Marley quotes but will behave ultra cold in real life.

Some just think it as a way to socialize themselves, sadly I sometimes do it too…nothing wrong in sharing your craps if everybody is laughing and enjoying it. One can’t activate their filter mode (close your ears and eat the free food from your surroundings) again and again otherwise you will be labeled as rude, arrogant, anti-social.

And few of them just wants to remain in lime light, either in a leader way or a joker way…Yeah there is always a guy in the party who will become the prey of all the drunk peoples, and most of the time the prey enjoys it. Beware of leader kind of people, they will say whole crappy things and with that much confidence that if you go against them once then you are going to be the recipient of their wrath.

So simply start your filter mode and be Social.

P.S:I got a new title of Frustrated Sadist,Thank you all to finally understand me.


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