Arsenal:31.10.13 Time to buck up or Back down

so we lost against chelsea in capital one cup and there goes our one chance of winning a trophy this season.Two defensive errors and two goals,no worries it always happen with us.We have got this habit of conceding a goal on error and opposition goalkeeper will become a superman against us,we are accustomed to it.But i always wonder why we can’t save our corners and free kicks?Lord Bouldemort,its time to take this into serious consideration.
mistake again

i sometimes wonder if our medical team really do anything or leave everything in the hand of natural healing process.Podolski and Walcott were supposed to join us till now but now no report of recovery.Our 2 weeks turns out to be 6 weeks or even more.Now we lost Flamini too who acted as shield for our defence.Against chelsea ramsey and Wilshere pair didn’t work,no fault of them.This is what happens when you play alongside after a long time. Ramsey tried his luck too much and Jackie was too busy in going forward and leaving spaces behind.Ryo was ineffective and little mozart missed that final touch.

Anyway its all over now and we have to concentrate on our biggest test now. Match Against Liverpool at home,Dortmund away and man u back to back.This is surely going to shape our season.Result against Liverpool and Man U will give us that psychological edge and for CL just one line…We are in Group of Death.This is no time to think about previous results,its time to give our 100%. We don’t need a beautiful win always,we would love to have a dirty win.Sometimes it looks like we become too obsessed with getting a beautiful trademark Arsenal goal that nobody want to shoot and everybody just passes. Stop this or other team will stand a bus against our offense.One thing is sure now that we can’t use Vermaelen still,he struggled against Ba in air ball and Per-Kos partnership is doing wonders for us right now. Also for jenko,it was just a mistake,get over it.This wasn’t like he gifted the goal in 80+ minutes and there was no time to back up,it was all our offense fault or simply saying we couldn’t click.

For next matches i would love to see Mikel to step up his game, stop those defensive errors and some magical performance in front.We are now top of the league so remain as this.With managerial changes all around and Ozil mania we can perhaps do wonders this season too. Just keep believing Gunners.It’s our litmus test for the season.

Come On You Gunners.


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