Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring

This is the first movie of Kim ki-duk i have watched and I am still thinking what I saw? I have got no clue what to understand from this beautiful thing, I think I will need a face to face conversation with director to enjoy the movie or I will have to raise my intellect level too high.

This movie narrates the life of a monk through different seasons with time gap of 10-15 years.

it shows the childhood of protagonist and the unusual, deep teaching .He accidentally kills the fish and snake by his innocent play. As per the old monk he had to tolerate the burden of it in his heart whole his life and this part ends of child monk crying relentlessly.


Protagonist turns into a youth and a young beautiful lady comes to their monastery or home. In this part lust turns into desire and he starts loving the girl as possession. Old monk catches them and sends the girl to her home despite of protagonist teary resistance. In the end, lead character runs away from their with the hen and a Buddha may be symbolizing that he wants to break free but he still can’t go away with his life education. This is my depiction; I must be wrong since I got zero confidence in saying that I understood the movie a bit.


Old monk finds out that the Kid has killed the girl and he prepares for his home coming. One think was for sure that whole time I thought that the old monk was Korean’s Morgan freeman …it looks like he knew everything like the Almighty GOD. One think I noticed is the glow in old monks face and the kid monk. One looks confident, still while other seems agile. From my childhood time, I have heard that glow comes from inner self and you cannot see anything beyond it and it was true for old monk. This was the fall part for protagonist and he succumbs to the thought of suicide till old monk stops him. Investigators come for him but wait till he finishes the task given by old monk to control his anger and frustration .He go to jail next morning and to my surprise, old monk kills himself in the most spiritual way I cannot ever imagine. I still would love to know what old monk inscribed on the wood for the task.


Protagonist comes back. He takes the place of old monk and masters himself with old monk writings. One day, a lady comes with a child in covered face. Till the end, I couldn’t stop thinking who she could be? At one point, I thought she was the lady from the start…pretty dumb but I can interpret in any way. She leaves the child there and runs away from there… ultimately leading to a death well. Protagonist takes her out and removes the cloth but camera doesn’t show her face. Protagonist then does the similar thing done in the start only this time he does his job. He climbs the mountain with a Buddha idol and a big stone tied in his back. He places the idol on the mountain looking at the monastery.


Life goes into full circle. The child becomes the curious kid from the start and protagonist takes place of old monk. The child does the near similar things with fish, frog, and snake and movie ends with Buddha watching it from above. I am still frightened to imagine the consequence for this child and this can be a beautiful sequel.

Whole movie has been filmed beautifully in the lap of nature. The natural beauty of each scene just pulls you in. Top notch performances by entire cast and a mind boggling work of direction. To be frank, I am quite depressed for not understanding the movie a bit. I would love to know what director truly want to convey and of course I need to watch it again sooner.

Any way I wasn’t the only one who felt lost at the end of this masterpiece, I was watching it with an intellectual friend who was on similar level of what should i depict jargon, with me.


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