Goliyoon ki Raasleela: Ram-Leela (SLB ka Colorful Gujju Salaam)

We Indians are either deeply rooted to our rigid societal values or we have got no useful work to do. This time it was due to the name, it was against Hindu sentiments on the logic was that people may go to movie thinking it related to Ramayana. I may be wrong about the reason but why do I care? If any movie is wrong then stop it from release or for freezing such situation make a Guidelines and tell all movie makers to stop thinking. I wonder why there was no one to oppose the release of movie Grand Masti who made 100+crore…who made all good remarks on girls and showed the true inner self of our society. Everybody saw it but in the open they will criticize the whole Bollywood on the basis that they don’t make good movie.
I saw Ram-Leela and didn’t find it offensive and I am a Hindu. Ram is merely a character name and Leela is her divine love. It may be director’s mind play but why stop it when we didn’t stop D K Bose song release.
You see its similar Non sense like above before the release and after the release of a good movie. Before the release for a good director and after the release for a good viewer…complete Ho Halla. Before the release, a good director has to convince all the people that this movie is good for finance and ultimately begs to censor board and different religion savior organization, which changes their movie name, cut some important scene and whatever they want. After the release it’s a good, honest movie viewer takes the load to promote the movie to everyone and ends up with some funny excuses. For those funny people, movie is just a tool for time pass and Dvd Scr is the secret of their money saving…discount comes in Ctrl +  form and saves them time. For them it’s just a form of free entertainment unless I have a girl friend. Never try to convince them that it’s an art and it need to nurture, if you try this then you will be in hellish situations with intellect questions. One of the best excuses I have heard…I don’t watch English movies and Bollywood people don’t make good movies so I don’t go to halls. Take my word; he has seen more commercial movies than me either in English or Hindi. One excuse is of critic report, I bet they don’t even know 3 critic names or do thing as per the critic, otherwise each critic at least suggest you few movies a year. I guess, they change their critic or news agency choice each week.

O…O, people are true that I am a sadist, so i am going to halt this frustration and going to talk about Ram leela.SLB here creates a lustful, Colorful, Revengeful Utopian world where Romeo and Juliet inspired love pair succumb to the ultimate end…or not so awesome ending since we all have seen IshqZaade ending and that ending gave me Goosebumps but this one gave me satisfaction that I am not right. Only thing I loved about this movie is casting, It was near perfect from Rowdy Ram, Guile But in the end funny Supriya Pathak aka Baa, colorful and driving force Deepika , underused Richa chaddha, Not so underdog Gulshan we all knew the reason to keep you alive till the end. After every 10 minutes, you find yourself in a beautiful colorful song and I bet you can’t get your eye off from Deepika. Each frame is awesomely choreographed and you just can’t remove your eyes from this cinematic beauty.1st half is about fun and lustful love where heroine kisses Ram before talking (Digital world effect may be #Twitter).They fall in love and nothing matters to them after that mad lustful love. Then came big hearted ladies from both sides, which did everything (exaggerated mode) to support utopian mad love? Only one problem was guile baa and foxy Gulshan Devaiya (Deepika small brother…I can’t remember his movie name).My few friends had problem with BAA aka Hansa (*Khichdi)…I knew it later.
Second part is all about dreamy twists and inner conflicts. Earlier one good friend of mine had boasted for more than hour even though he had clarified that he is a very big fan of love couple. Still I had my hopes high so I had to settle for little low. Still movie is worth a watch for colors…after Lootera it was the eye relieving movie. In few scenes, I was concentrating on back ground than the star pair. Songs were good to watch and to hear few times, it lacks the soulfulness of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. So there was Deepika…sensuous and always teasing. Lyrics of these songs are full of sex if you hear them with bit concentration. Ending is simple and few things in the end are bit too much. Still I would recommend all to watch SLB’s Ranjor to fall in love with cinematography, Gujarat and Delicious Leela.
In Short, Ram-Leela==Colorful Leela, Rowdy Ram and SLB ka Colorful Gujju Salaam. #MustWatchOnce #ForBigHeartedLadies
P.S: I saw it in a local cinema hall (Rs. 50 for Balcony Seat) and that was one hell of unforgettable economic experience, will write about it later.


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