One Gentle Smile

This story goes little back while I was coming from Raipur to Bhopal. I was in sleeper compartments and train was standing on the platform. As usual, a lot of local people were trying to find a good seat to travel for 5 hours and the reserved people can’t get a good sleep before 11 PM. Sleeper is new general in Indian railway. I was sitting there as an observant uncle with a happy family and a lot of tensions in my mind. Despite these I never miss the chance of observing and decoding murmurs in silence. One anxious happy family with two 6, 8 yr. aged boy and girl were sitting in front of me …you never know the mood of ticket collector. Father’s eye was searching TT to give him some extra cash. Suddenly, one young guy in his mid 20’s entered into the compartment with his bags on the back, laptop bag in the hand and earphone in his ears. He wasn’t muscular but he looked athletic with a fair complexion and with average height. He had this calmness apart from his messy hairs and beards that was attracting everyone; it seemed that he was in a different world…calm and sometimes mouthing song lyrics.
He sat on window side seats, basically one compartment consists of 8 seats with 3-3 on one side then there is the pass way and 2 seats after that in double Decker fashion. Young people often take window seats since it covers larger area for sight-seeing. He sat with that family’s father relaxed. Suddenly one uncle with his daughter saw the opportunistic seat and asked to the guy. He said come and helped her with her luggage. He was happy and who can’t be…youth these days.
Girl, and a beautiful one came to seat and the guy happily offered sufficient space and confined himself into corner still listening. The girl found it awkward to seat between two males and this truth was lurking on his face. After few minute the girl’s boyfriend came and she went to an empty upper seat. Guy helped her with bags and carried on with his play thing. With space come new passengers in Indian railway. Kids shifted to the window seat from mother’s lap. Both were observing the guy more than me. He was like the amazing creature with antennas in his ears. They must have wanted to hear few songs too. Too my surprise, he offered his iPod to them with one bud in each kid’s ear. He saw them cheerfully for a little period then moved his focus on outside. His hairs were flying like a no worry bird. After 1 hour, he started shifting his base to upper berth.
He was well organized and made his berth a bed house like with his one bag as pillow. The young love birds lost their freedom after the intruder arrival. For them he was another cold blooded eve teaser, I guess. He opened a chips packet and few cakes and ate it with one Death in Venice novel in his hand. Thank God, he loved real literature and it suited his personality. He completed his snacks and to my and love bird surprise slept. He slept like a child for more than two hours till his cell phone started ringing. There came a peaceful and exciting smile on his sleepy face. He was sufficiently loud and it seemed that he was giving current reports to his girl friend. Yes, I ate …you know naaah how much I sleep on trains…I will order some real food for night and so on. I was caring little on observing him as I was feeling sleepy then one word swept away all my sleep. Bye, Bye *it was a boy name* and he loved him and he was normal…it suddenly broke all my society told education. I had these pre conceived notions that they acted in a weird way or to sum up in a queers way. But there he was; more than happy than so called natural people and gentle, respectful to children and girls. I was in front of a normal guy who didn’t love girls. I got a feeling of self-hatred inside for acting in a way that society defines. The love bird’s girl and the guy shared a smile full of personal life satisfaction.
Contemplating all these things I took a long disturbing nap and woke up just before my station. That guy sleeping again with few dim yellow lights on his face looked gentler and more self satisfied. I came down with a broader, more flexible mind set and his face itched in my memory for ever.
These days there are a lot of noise about Section 377 and I can only imagine that gentle smile covered with black colored criminal all over his face. When we became so vicious animals that we started dictating people’s sexual life and orientations in the name of order of nature? Wake up policy makers or you would be spanked in your sleep so hard that you all will wake up in Hell.

P.S:Wake up all, its nearly the end of 2013 and we are still living in a dark utopian society.



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