Özil Conundrum and A Striker Hunt

Özil conundrum
16 matches, 35 points, still top of the league in a negative spiral, not a title contender. These are all going in too competitive premier league. After a disastrous start at our home, we overcame our arch-rival Tottenham, Liverpool and high flying Southampton but we missed on Manchester city front and Everton in dying minutes. I am not counting united since we were better that day and at least deserved a point.

So the question is, between all these candid talks, where does Özil fit? First of all he came as a hurricane of freshness and confidence on club’s all fronts. Fans got excited, players got a new big motivating name and manager found a German jewel. There is always accusations that Özil can’t perform in big matches, first tell me which match in EPL is not a big match. Everyone’s praising Ramsey for his new found goal machine abilities but any intelligent viewer will agree that its Özil that creates a big space between striker and attacking midfield line, where Rambo finds alone himself. Özil remains surrounded with 3-4 defenders and its team task to cash on this opportunity.

Özil comes from La Liga which is a two club league (this year it looks three club leagues…let’s hope that this tradition grows).From there he comes to a country where game is physical and you have to give your 100% for full 100 minutes. Here no team is terrified of big daddy club and here defenders can challenge roughly. Still he is the topping chart of assists. The problem comes from the price tag; you can’t sub your 50 million players. He has to play every match and with fatigue comes into play. Due to this, Santi has to play in left wing every week and wilshere has to play at any position. He looked tired in city game thanks to a 3 tough games in 6 days schedule. Here Le proff. has to take some tough decisions to keep him fit and full of energy. Rosicky needs to use more often, with his energy and movement any one can barely guess that he is 30+ old. Its time to share some creative responsibility with Özil and with one of the best mid field options, Le proff. Experience…it can be done. It needs some courage, faith and rotation (one of the place where I don’t like Wenger too much) from manager side to get the best out in such crowded schedule.

A striker hunt
This is an unnecessary talk but we have to keep in mind that what will happen if Lord Bendtner decides to play one of the La Liga giants and we have to face Batern Munich in CL next.
So we need to find not a back up but a reliable striker. The realistic available options are Dzeko, Lewandowski, Jovetic, Benteke. My personal favorite choice is Lewy. I don’t think I need to explain his qualities. With him being on free transfer, we can lure him from BVB under the claws of Bayern. His January arrival will be a huge boost for our campaign and it may propel us to a eluding trophy. Dzeko could have been possible but with Aguero injury, it would be impossible to get him in winter transfer. Recent news of arsenal monitoring Diego Costa and his 35 million buyout clause seems good but as per me Atletico Madrid will not release one of the most in form striker when they are doing brilliant on both domestic and International front. Suarez is clearly out for arsenal only real can take him now. This has to to be done as early as possible, we can’t hold on up to the last minutes of transfer window.

Till then Keep Calm and Believe in Mertielny and Wilshere agression. #AHA

P.S: Chelsea match will again provide us the opportunity to show our title credentials and i hope that with Theo back in form and small rest in mid can do wonders for us.


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