And then he smiled and started running…

Nearly one year had gone by but still he was the one who was carrying the weight. Not because she couldn’t go along with him but because he always thought that if he is in such pain and wilderness then what about her? They are supposed to be more emotional creature than him. He always blamed him to make her sad even if he hadn’t seen it but he felt it. He knew it and he was crushed for doing that to her. He always took different paths and became solitude lover more than ever.
He had read somewhere that it takes 3 long years to completely forget. But it isn’t right, he was always on the verge of forgetting her then a sudden pain started in his chest and he started feeling pain gain. He tried all kind of other things to keep him busy and friends helped him in more ways that he had ever imagined. He always thought that he hadn’t made any friends in He College but in those dark days they were always around him…trying to cheer him up, trying to set him up etc. He tried but he always felt due to that guilt feeling.
In between those diversions, one day he woke up and started to walk to football field, only thing he loved anymore. And then GOD opened his eyes. She was there…Happy, Beautiful and smiling like before. She was at the same place where he had started falling for her. Now this was the time to rise for him and he smiled. A tiny smile removing all the pain from his inner self and he felt fresh for the first time after a long 10 month period. He had beaten the 3 years conundrum and was determined and completely ready for his life.Then he started smiling and running…


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