Why i will not vote for AAP?

This AAP has totally disturbed the Indian politics. They shouldn’t have won in Delhi and how can Kejriwal beat Sheila Dixit who gave us Delhi Metro, CNG and CWG. Now I know that you people will think about CWG scam. There shouldn’t be any talk about it, the even concluded without any big glitch. We showed the world that we can pull of such a big event with Rehman scoring an awesome theme song.
Here are the few reasons for not supporting AAP:
A) Nothing wrong with dynasty:
There is nothing wrong in giving our successor the power and money we have accumulated. It is in our Indian culture that we work whole our life to leave fortune for our children. Now tell me, Are Politicians doing anything wrong? Most of the scholars give culture the most importance so I don’t want to break this culture.

B) Opportunistic AAP:
This Kejriwal dude is friend of Nolan. He had everything planned from his IIT days. These engineers get so much leisure time in their college that they can plan anything. If you still don’t believe it is a plan then think that why AAP people was in IAC movement and angry from politicians and now they are in politics. Did Mahatma Gandhi join politics after independence? Bapu didn’t do it since he wasn’t a master mind, he was saint from heart whereas this kejriwal and co. Have dark souls who believe in getting the benefit of movement started by modern day Gandhi.

C) Populist party:
Free water, free electricity, free ki topi to save from Delhi heat and a lot more to offer. Now you people blame that BJP is all about Ram mandir etc, Local parties is all about reservations and Congress is all about scams. But now they all have changed, BJP is all about development on the universally acclaimed Gujarat model (*Even US delegates are coming here for case study and our sallu bhai too gave it a green signal on the expense of Jai Ho less money making. What else do you want?), Congress is all about basic things like women empowerment, RTI; which can make India a utopian entity. Local parties have their own educated family peoples and few haven’t married for the country, what else do you want?

D) No fruit without any doing:
These AAP people are 1 year old and they think that they have sacrificed most for the better men of country. They haven’t done anything for country’s independence, congress did. They didn’t go into emergency, RJD and JD-U people did. So if they want to work for the country then remain in queue and don’t cry too much and respect the past.

E) India live offline:
Look like these AAP people have sponsorship from twitter. They trend every day, good or bad and very kind of publicity is good publicity. This is the part of conspiracy made in boring engineering nights. The jokes and tweets online don’t represent the true India. It still lives offline and they are showing disrespect to all the people who don’t have an account or an internet connection. If they want to promote then make their leader idol visible to all the Junta no discrepancy and all other social things done by parties who are here earlier and doing everything to prevent our culture.

F) Case against Ambani, Seriously?
AAP has a problem with everything, they can case against anybody and post the video of their leader blaming on all the social sites. If they find anything wrong then they should go to the court; the result will come in 20 years. Now don’t blame court system, we are a big family of 120+ crores and these PIL isn’t doing anything helpful.
Ambani family is a National treasure; it is the company which makes us proud in Forbes list. These AAP people want to see from the eyes of Danny Boyle. They don’t want the rising nation. There is always something not legal in business but that’s how it works. These AAP people must not have seen GURU starring Jr. Bachhan because they don’t believe in our dynasty culture. They are fundamentally rotten and can’t see the rise of a son who try to make his father proud in the same profession.

G) They look normal:
There is a way that people in that profession should look. Like a farmer watching the sky, a professional in suits, an actress inside all the white powder, an actor doing anything impossible, and a girl with fear in her eyes irrespective of the age. Now the leader should look like the person everyone respect in mild fear, otherwise they can’t do anything. Ultimately it’s the man management.

Above are the few reasons due to which I would not vote for AAP.I know that there is so much anger against AAP in people’s heart and here I am venting the frustrations. Let me know your reasons not to vote for AAP.


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