Somewhere Journey changes you…

i have this strong Tom and Jerry relationship with traveling and laziness. Both of them take their share of fun.But this time it was traveling’s turn.Really it was a sports fest. in BITS GOA,but who wants to play when you are in goa and this was my first trip.Only regret i had that only two of the batch mates were going and one of them sacrificed us for girls care.Some people never loose hope in persuasion love.They will creep you out with sincerity till their last breath and will ultimately fail.

Anyways, we reached there and got room in the hotels thanks to our college administration.Goa sweet Goa,it has restaurants and Bars only.The first thing we did is to gulp one beer and then freshen up.I played two matches and it was over.Then on it was only beer,travel, night out at Shiva Valley,sleeping for 2 hours on sand,two new people in the herd to share drunk stories,sea food,beauty curating etc etc .

But the best thing about journey is meeting and knowing new peoples.On journey i found one of the introvert looking junior interesting with his movie and novels taste.He too went to theater alone a few times.I got a partner now , i think 🙂 . One funny subhash babu with his killer one liners, always happy faces and the confidence in facing all the hard ships of daily life. Learn t a new funny word,GalatFamily.Instead of saying,you are living in galatfehmi/confusion…you are living in galat family.It means this is not your fault but your surroundings.This word gives a different angle of fun.On a loving note, journey makes you fall in love with life again.You see the surroundings and you think why i was crying over that little fuss when there is so much beauty scattered in the world.

But for me the best thing is journey gives you all the weapons to know the person’s character.For me it is the best way to know some one.It provides you all the situations to know the person.You can easily test your compatibility,their real face after sometimes etc. So in future i must be traveling with a smart girl on a long journey before all the costly Indian rituals.

You must be wondering why i am not writing about GOA,only one reason not so significant,just drinking,resting and forgetting at beach and on last day 1 hour fight with soaring sea.


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