How Arsenal Lost the title?

Finish in top four,win FA cup or take top four as title, End of season (*Best case Scenario).
No one even Gooners had thought that we can challenge for the title this season,somehow we managed to do so and lost the title race pathetically against biggies and without zeal against lower team in later stages.

for me these can be the reasons:
a)No stubbornness:
Being cheerful and supportive always can’t win you a trophy when you don’t have a team hungry for success. We were going good till we had those heavy matches and we lost against stoke,drew against stoke and defensive chelsea hit a six against.Where was the mental toughness and stubbornness to win the title?There was no urgency either from players and for offensive play, we are out of tricks and try to imitate same moves again and again.

b)Injuries…especially walcott
From a team who was overflowing with midfielders,was in shortage at the end of the march.
Players out:Ozil,Walcott,Ramsey,Wilshere,Koscielny
i am leaving Diaby from player out.I wonder if any club has such problem with injuries for the past few seasons. We have the same issue every year aand we always label it in bad luck category.For other club,if player is out for two weeks then he will surely come in two week but for arsenal two week stretches to four weeks in best case scenario.

In all these,Walcott injury is proving most vital.We lost one whole dimension of attack and our game look similar in every game.Walcott provides us that x factor which every other club fear or pay the price of not fearing.Ramsey injury was inevitable since our manager doesn’t believe in too much rotation.

c) Oh Giroud:
fans behind him all the time yet he has failed to rise on occasions.His inability to shoot or to create some magic moments has made us poor on offense front. Only thing he is good at is holding the ball and providing the supply to midfielders but every team these days know about this ploy and absence of ramsey has made him nothing important for the team.

d) Signings:

two big name signings in the winter could have made us champions. But canonist wenger inability to change with time cost us title.

i always wonder that why don’t we shoot.It is not important to game beautiful every time we play some times we need to win ugly and we need to try new things like shooting from outside he box or with out passing the ball.Our mindset of passing always lead us to error and teams who analyses our play well enough,make us look dumb with interceptions.

f)FA cup in sight
As soon as it became clear that we are the clear favorites of FA cup with two matches remaining.There’s a kind of silence and aggression among whole arsenal family.Before that ,one match loss and it became disaster in everyone’s eye.But after everton win in fA cup and City out of the cup,it seem like we are finally going to win a trophy after a gap of 9 years.No one wanted to gave that final push for PL and injury problems, tough schedules became good excuses.But somewhere our being happy with one virtual trophy did more harm.
i wonder,what will happen if Arsenal misses on this.Touch wood.

g)World Cup:
No other big player wanted to live their club and willing one wanted playing time.
Those on the team too must have wanted more playing time and this may be an explanation of only Kallstorm arrival.



  1. Honest opinion but a little harsh in some ways. If I told you last year we would be in the hunt people would be jumping for joy. Im as frustrated as any but we are a defensive midfielder and competent striker away. Have hope.

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