I just saw Danis Tanović‘s No man’s Land and I was surprised to see such a serious issue in such humorous way. Imagine yourself surrounded between two boundaries and army men firing at you ruthlessly. In the movie it is three men…Two Bosnian (one on a land mine) and one Serbian. Still you find it funny and during whole story you can’t stop laugh with surrendering to uncomfortable silence in your funny mind.
This is the story of three people in no man’s land and you see them raising their clothes as signals and wonder that without an army dress they are all humans. These boundaries created by opportunistic men lead to plight. One Bosnian couldn’t kill Serbian when he had the chance since he was not mad and the pain in front of his eyes stopped him. They shared cigarettes, fought and played blame game for going war. Media arrived after hearing army’s lines and made this thing live for 50 million people as told by the reporter. UN intervention was taken from the men from their hearts. They disobeyed their hearts and took media help to make a way possible for evacuation. Superiors woke up when things became accessible to wide audiences. In all these mix ups, media’s greed… movie end up on realistic note and I was happy to see it.
The best thing I liked is the interventions by the man on grenade. On his death bed; he was cool, calm and was seeing things clearly. His friendship with his fellow and his desire to meet the girl in the photograph gives cocktail of happiness and cold pain. After the end frame, I just prayed that that the mine turns out to be a dud otherwise it would be a very painful satirical death.
I knew about this one after director’s association and support to The Lunchbox.
I still wonder, why Amelie couldn’t win Oscar?