MOVIE:It’s a Wonderful Life (We need more real life George Baileys)

First of all, I know it’s too late to praise such a marvel. It’s not my fault, have to sacrifice a lot of time to football for last three years so I am lagging, was discussing the same with one of my movie lover friend when I said not watched to a lot of good movies. Most of them were Korean flicks.



Now coming to the movie “It’s a wonderful life”, best part is I cried after a long time during end sequences and emotions reached its upper limit when George Bailey’s famous brother Harry Bailey says you are richest person in the town. At this moment, only thing that came into my mind that good deeds never go unnoticed even by the almighty GOD and true souls who prays from heart for the person who devotes their life for well being to others. Starting sequence shows multiple prayers which made GOD send an Angel even if it was a wingless and funny angel 🙂


This movie is so realistic and classic that time can never diminish its relevance. It has a proper setup with an Ideal protagonist, a typical heartless villain, a loving father, family values, dreams, and dreams broken for the sake of others. George Bailey is the character who I would love to be friend in the real life. James Stewart plays the role so naturally that you can really relate with pain and his happiness. He took all the joys with giving. He always tried to fulfill his dream to become an adventurer yet succumbed to web of social responsibilities. Still he remained happy even if it meant less achievement and more fight to survive. He was the guys who threw bed of roses without blinking for the sake of societies.To help him and appreciate his unusual beauty; there was Mary…whose dreams look rare due to predefined society fables. She was the girl who was happier with his husband’s happiness and the scene in which she arranged the honeymoon in her childhood wished home is so beautiful that you can actually feel the romance like two singing guys outside the window. Donna Reed looked angelic, no surprises there since I find most of that era actresses coming straight from heaven. But the best thing I loved about Mary when she collects money from the town when his husband was in serious problem.


There is this one part when George bailey finds how he affected the whole town makes viewer believe no one is expendable, it’s just a sadist feeling when you are low. Live life happily and whole-kindheartedly then there’s no way one can question about their existence.


Entry of Angel named Clarence may seem far-fetched to current generation but i liked it. I love the uncertain ways of helping GOD. If you are an atheist then just take it the support from the physical world to support optimism and good-will when it becomes too harsh to sustain these values. The closing sequence is all about victory of good over bad and the importance of these unsung heroes “George Bailey”.


P.S: I soon watched “Memories of Murder”. Pure surprise, will write about it later.