One Iconic Celebration and a small tribute


These are times when you feel good to be alive.In those moments you see something that overwhelms you that defines the time of your life.I love the way when my father will share the times of golden age of Bollywood music comprising of all the legends and goes back to those times at their own insistence.They go back for moments, moments we cherished and will cherish forever.

In a life of Just 25+, I got the Sachin moments, the fabulous four moments, the rise of Captain cool moments and much more.Being a cricket crazy nation it is pretty obvious.In between and after those moments I fell in love with one pic of the celebration of a footballer in Euro 2004 celebration.Later when I went to the college and had my first conversation with a batch mate Rothin and he told me it was Arshavin and he plays for the Arsenal FC.Later,  he became college best friend and me a Gooner. I fell in love with one guy, even more, Tomas Rosicky and slowly it turned out to be an infinite sum of love for the club.I started playing football, rather badly but wholeheartedly and I believe once you try to learn the trade you start appreciating it, you feel it.You Find the normal thing an Art.It can be anything, any trade.You start relating to it, gave you know the nuances, you know the hardships, you know the effort that has been put into it, you know it’s not that simple than it looks.But what if one of those craftsmen make it look like a cakewalk every time he does it.And comes Lionel Messi, who make it look so easy.I still remember that in a Hindi newspaper Hindustan, before world cup there was a mention of this man who can be the trump card for the country but he was just 18 then, I think it was before 2006 world cup and that celebration which left an imprint was from EURO 2008.At Barcelona, he shone and shone like the GOD.One who would even make another GOD Maradona proud.But here comes another God who made himself God and started a rivalry that made both of them greatest.   It is pretty simple in every walks of life, if you get a better opponent you become better, you even surprise yourself with your performance.Remember the batchmate in school who made you even better in academics.Other self-made GOD went to Spaingivehim the opponent he deserved.Cristiano Ronaldo who made me believe that two people with the same name can be equally greater and will always crave a niche for themselves.One won 5 Ballon D or and other 4 till date.They entertained us, they went far ahead in the race for a very long time and they defined one generation.They Divided us into the lines.We as fans fight who is better on most of the occasions and us secretly deep down in our heart love the other one too whom you were criticizing in your never ending debates(Boya CR7 Vs Sardana Messi). They developed our personalities.One a cute one and another one the stylish one.We modeled our game, our hairstyle or our aura on them.They gave us a happy life and the moments of magic be it the Messi dribbling, twist, and turns or CR7 goal celebration, his free kicks, his inhuman jumping headers etc.


But one thing that Messi did and will go as one of the most iconic pictures of the beautiful game and the one which made me write this blog happened in this season La Liga title Deciding El Clasico encounter at BArnabeau.Gold with the last kick of the game with a bloodied mouth and an unthinkable celebration in front of the home crowd to remember their name.No need for that, you both are far above these.

-Thank you, Both.