19.01.2014:Lessons from ARS-FUL

Positive Lessons:
a) Still top of the league
congested top 3, 22 matches 51 points and only 6 points difference between them shows why PL is the most competitive league in the world.Still,we are top of the league so there must be something among us which makes us strong contenders.Still i would love to see Arsenal remain as dark horse.Its less pressure in this way.Its good that manager is in no mood for lethargy and taking each game one by one.
b) Mertienly is in no mood to stop
Pundits can bemoan about Mertesacker speed and koscielny lack of concentration sometimes.But this is the best defensive duo in PL right now.One is the best reader of he game and other is a solid marker(*Look Messi,Aguero,Suarez etc are in his heavy back pocket)they complement each other and their understanding make it all look easy.
c) Gnabry good performance in bits and patches
Gnabry is one of the brightest talent right now and he is showing it week after after week.He can’t fill Theo shoes but he is doing well for himself and the team.He is not afraid to try things and is confident in his final pass.Wenger must have some special plans for this kid.
d) We can cop up in tricky situations
Arsenal medical room is out of bed still we won comfortably. It shows thee growing confidence in the team and their will to step up if one is out.First it was Rambo then Giroud then Theo now wilshere and Santi…this is what team game meant.
e) Wilshere on Ramsey footprints
Ramsey splendid performance has inspired Jacky boy and his improved play game after game at any position and it will provide Le Proff. a sweet headache when all will be fit.
f)Santi to get some confidence
Santi isn’t playing badly but still he is nowhere near his previous season’s splendid performance.These 2 goals will surely increase his goal hunger and will ease some pressure off from Le Proff. head.

Not so positive lessons:
a) We need a striker
Whenever Giroud goes down,my heart beat goes up.We need a replacement, we have money.If not a long term player then a short term one.Otherwise Lord Bendtner to rescue us 🙂
b) We need to play both Half
Last few games have been decided in mere 10 minutes.we remain comfortable for 90 minutes that doesn’t mean that we need to play one half.We need to score more and more…who knows GD may prove a vital thing in the thing(*City ruined this aspect,still!).
c) IMO Podolski is not suitable for Central Striker role
He is a sledge Hammer, He is a fighter but he can’t make it easy for midfielders.His involvement at central position means our midfield can’t get the gap which Giroud provides.The problem is that you can’t fit Santi in mid field position and you can’t rest him so Poldi have to come to central position.It will be interesting to see that how Le proff. uses Poldi. #AHA
d) We miss TH14
With Theo out,we loose one whole dimension of our game.That dimension which tear apart opposition defense in an instant of time.We are going to miss him too much.Ox and Gnabry need to step up.