Haider:Pure VB

Meanwhile most of the people sharing boycott Haider have not the decency to watch the movie first and to talk later. VB gave the Indian army credit in the end, how much else do you want? The world has moved on and there is a word called artistic freedom, respect it (*even corrupt censor board has more brains than you people). Whatever background he chose…but in the end he showed the way to stop it with a NSD approved blast and he had earlier said that movie is more about Mother-Son conflict with AFSPA background. Give them some freedom and there may be a movie from Kashmiri Pundit’s angle from other director.

VB is one of the rare filmmaker who is brilliant in Hindi and Urdu and the way Hinglish and cheap without credit copy of any industry (*since some filmmakers think India is still without internet) is slowly killing the Bollywood and making the grand way for CGI heavy Hollywood movies (*excess of everything is bad). This is the VB’s guts to provide some quality food for non sense Bollywood eater. He could have easily made it  super pacey, masala movie with Army as the equal GOD for all and rest of all as devils and then our patriotism could have been on  15 August, 26 January  level. Everything is chutzpah from one character’s perspective(*Don’t wee engineers use it a lot? ) but in the same movie  grandfather of Haider is a true flag bearer of Laathi waala, try to look through the layers and have your own say in things and spend some  fucking money on movies rather than watching it on cam rip and praising it one year later after a wait of good print, once of twice a year at least.

       Sirf hungama khada karna mera maksad nahi,
         Meri koshish hai ki ye surat badalni chahiye.

I will have few regrets after watching it. I haven’t read any of the Shakespeare work and so I couldn’t take the full fun of the movie with Hamlet’s regard. I had tried it in 9th class, wrong time I suppose and later couldn’t due to the reason which only few will understand. I chose a low cost theatre and the sad comments from the behind were hard to take even in their lowest voice after  telling them to watch us silently. I found some smiles back when my brother saw it in a nice place and was in complete praising mood  for end Darker Aao naa sequence. I had to learn Urdu more by myself and need to read Hindi and English novels more . I had to know deeply about Kashmir’s history still from the cinematic point of view it shouldn’t harm any one’s emotions from my perspective.

I loved the metaphors and grey nature of each character. One of my friend commented that the music must be Rehman…it is pure magic then I had to tell him slowly about the rare Indian auteur VB in shortest way possible, later the complete discussion. I have to watch it multiple times to appreciate its beauty more each time. The entry scene of Irrfan Khan is a breakthrough moment in Bollywood and cheers from the crowd was a pleasant surprise for me. I thanked heavens for at least one good actor getting his due. The Bismil song, Shahid’s monologues were the golden moment for me. I hope and pray that it isn’t the best from VB-Gulzar duo.