Shamitabh:Half Baked Khichdi

I loved unconventional looking (*As per Bollywood’s definition of hero) Dhanush in Raanjhana. He brought comic timing with good acting beautifully in it. As for R. Balki, i loved PAA.So there were too many reason to watch it.

Movie has a good idea.A deaf talented actor discovered by an assistant director found the voice from a liquor lover old who also tried in film industry but got rejected by his voice.Now Dhanush or Daaanish got the wings to his dreams and Amitabh Bachchan/Sinha got the chance to revenge the industry. It tried to show the conflict between two interconnecting character who are a rum bottle but never cared enough to take a serious look on w/w ratio.It took a silly classroom sequence to make them convince them that they are being silly and making things knowingly melodramatic for viewers.First half is good, funny, evolving the conflict etc then the curse of second half occurs and it becomes a khichdi who is not sure what hey want to do so they made it a sad ending after a funny scene a not so lengthy speech claimed Great speech by the voice behind it while i thought was it even good?

It could have one of the best Amitabh’s performance but it isn’t one.Dhanush does a good job in acting department with Bachchan sir voice and Akshara Hassan made a silent entry  to bollywood.Still one time watch for me and a good chance missed Bollywood.