Sorry Sallu Bhai!!

Dear Sallu Bhai,

With due respect,i want to state that i can’t watch your Kick Ass Jai Ho in theaters 🙂 I am too busy with trying to be human and my gym work.Thanks to you bhai,i am not ashamed of being a 23 year old year virgin.That’s why we like you Bhai.You are a BLOODY awesome human,you are a true Indian who is following all the laws defined by Indian society.I wonder why media is creating such a fuss.Its simple,you aren’t married so you can’t have sex.Don’t try to criminalize everything.

Sorry Bhai,i became nosy.What can do, i follow NAMO bhai too! i sincerely hope that you must have learned some lessons from NAMO bhai in speechiology, it will come handy in next BHAIHIT movies.Nothing beats a sweet speech after a Diwali meal.

Coming to the topic Bhai, i am hearing some great things about Jai Ho from real viewers not from the self-proclaimed critics. Their job is to hate.They can kiss new indie/Hatke/real or whatever cinema’s ass.What is the logic of watching a movie if it has an open ending or if you can’t understand it,Hai naa BHAI?i can’t understand,What do they want in a movie,in your movie all genre has been covered with some awesome dialogues. They just want to show their superiority with few most famous director names in English and anything in 3D makes movies good for them.

Leave those suckers bhai,The way you are giving chances to new comers is awesome.Some of my friends said that in jai Ho, Daisy didn’t seem that good. How can she if you are in the same frame with some one! She can only dance so what? Your ex KAT couldn’t do anything still you made her a superstar Bhai.It is you who can turn anything into pure Gold.This is why your movie earn so much money since its pure Gold not Marigold. We only want to break Chennai saaripress earning figures,Aamir Bhai is our Dhoom Machao Bhai.We don’t want to break his heart.He makes movie after a gap so let him be happy.I know you will break it in next Kick.

i have to go Bhai, this is Gym time and the reason of not watching your movie.Gym people have raised the fee after putting your poster in the front and are planning a temple.So i will only say Jai Ho this time and will start saving money for your temple still i would love to pass this same mentality to three different Bhais and i am saying it from heart Bhai.

Your Sincerely,
A Wannabe white muscular Human Indian Bhai

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