Arsenal: 10.11.2013 Can we change few more questions? #MUNvsARS

So today is much awaited match between Man U and Arsenal at theater of dreams (*now you know from where young’s inspiration comes from) .This match is the last one before interlull and both team will like a happy ending. This match importance has risen this season a lot thanks to Arsenal’s surprising turnaround after opening day disaster. That day looked a bit like 8-2 disaster and seemed like this season too,nothing is going to change. We will again fight for 4th position till the last day of the season. But then Özil and suspicious Flamini happened, and we started hoping that at least we can win one trophy this season or surely we will be title contenders next season with few more additions. To everybody’s surprise we have got 25 points in 10 matches, initial stat even better than invincible season and suddenly this fixture has gain a Season changing importance. null

Till now, we all have discarded arsenal to win the league this season. For this we have got a hell lot of explanations –ranging from lack of world class keeper, only one central striker and that too not good, leaky defense, injury problems, “Special one is Back”, and blah, blah, blah. Before Liverpool match it all came to the explanation that they haven’t played any big time. Then we beat Liverpool and we broke the yellow wall. I remember the night of 2012-2013 season away game when Per$ie was going to play against us and to me it was visible that we hadn’t any confidence of winning, only Wilshere tried to over reacted thanks to his Arsenal DNA and got a red card. This important rivalry was becoming one-sided and then BAM…SAF retired, Mr. Arsene spent some money, Real Madrid signed a Billion Dollar Levy campaign, Rambo turned into RAMPANT RAMBO, we got our mojo back and now I got self confidence that we can beat them at OT again.

If we win this match then the question that Arsenal can’t big teams will change into which big team can beat Arsenal…such is the gravity of this match. Man United will then have to do wonder to win league then and if they falter a bit in second part of season then fight for 3rd or 4th place. I know that I am hoping too much but in realistic tone, I still think we are missing something in winning team jigsaw puzzle. We haven’t got the bench strength to compete and at one stage fatigue will come. This is what I am thinking right know but who knows what Le Proff. has got in the store and maybe he is again going to surprise us in winter transfer window, no one can guess what’s behind that devious teasing smile…may be MESSI J J.Till then we got Chelsea, city, Everton and Southampton and tricky Group of death equations in December but hopefully Podolski, Ox, Wilshere, Theo will be back then and we can rotate easily. So now concentrate on Man U, be cautious (*they are starting to find their feet under the chosen one and Rooney has always been one hell of nuisance for us) and merciless show the world that we mean business and carry on this awesome solid away form.

P.S:Prove us all wrong again,Gunners. #COYG