it is tough in reality…

what the hell is wrong with this actor?This actress can do better with her closed mouths and blah blah.Those are the common comments whenever i and most of the people start judging.It seem easy to condemn and label everything.Not at this front but on most of the things we start judging and throw our expert opinions without having the slightest clue of that art. Because it seem easy from far and we don’t have time to go near.

Recently i started acting for a new web series and it was pathetic from my side.All the fantasies and confidence that i can do it so easily flew as soon as camera button was on.The role was suitable for my character and i didn’t had to do anything special to act still i failed.I am not against critics but i want those people to give their opinion who know about that trade,know the limitations and other minute details.Everything the camera was off, i gave good performance(*i believe my director words :))I remembered the time when i worked as a sound recordist and always thought how bad is this actor who can’t say a dialogue in front of the camera just below him silently holding the recorder.I abused in my mind and hated them for their performances and i always thought that i could have done it better.Sure Karma is a bitch and it came to haunt me in my most confident mindset.I had failed so miserably that there were talks of replacing me.But i didn’t gave up and some how did thee job for first episode.I am hoping that it would be different for next episode.

So instead of imagining and condemning other that i can do it better, start doing in reality and enjoy the fun of toughness of reality and preserve the cherished moments.