The Lunch box (India doesn’t deserve such marvels)

Indian viewers and mainstream critics to quality cinema: we’ll hunt them. Because they can take it, they are not our hero.

Lunch Box
I am in an ocean of mixed feelings. I hate all senseless cinema goers but what I can do if the pure art on big screen can’t do anything. We can spend hell load of money on our girlfriends, on smokes, on a smart phone which we only use for playing temple run. We are movie lovers because we adulate Salman and Shahkukh because their shit smells so good that we can break our banks and create a dark history. We are global cinema lovers because our favorite movie is The Dark Knight and we use Joker’s dialogue unnecessarily like we have written the dialogues. We will flock over to multiplexes to watch Lungi Dance and Grand Masti since this is all the true meaning of cinema-Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment. We will trend Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 digital poster and will beg to upload Mental or whatever the fuck movie name is poster. And since few are advance one’s so they will talk about GOW even if they have watched it after 6 months of release on their laptops. We are so much Gyaani and egoistic that we will not watch “Lootera” since it is slow and we hate Sonakshi Sinha Forehead and she doesn’t wear bikini. We love globalization and the dress code should be Deepika padukone Bokuwaas dress and party songs, ”Itna to banta hai yaar since we don’t watch any porn, we Indian love soft porn”. We are awesome since in discussions about rapes we will always support that Girl’s modern clothes doesn’t matter but we love zero figure and a foreign face ,who cares about acting man when Katrina is seducing the actor with her eyes and those curves of deepika in saree,It just becomes too much to swallow. Our favorite ad is AAMSUTRA since it titillates us. We are so caring about our society principles that we ban “GAANDU”. Why not, look at the movie name it’s obscene, we can start our each conversation with Maa,Behen praise but on big screen no way. So quality cinema makers shift your tents to Cannes ,Toronto otherwise be prepared to upload your movie on YouTube or torrent then I will watch it ,there’s no chance we are going to watch it on big screen, we don’t need art, we want Entertainment and songs to celebrate (long Live Yo Yo Honey Singh).And what’s this shit about national Anthem, we go to halls to spend some quality time with our girlfriends, we work so hard all week so spare us some time and don’t ever suggest us to silent our Smartphone, it’s a costly set and without our digital presence the world will end.


I don’t care who is going to watch it in halls, I have lost my beliefs. I watched it today and most of my friend have watched it before me, thank you cam rip and fuck you SOPA, PIPA.
This movie will take a unique place in my heart, because of several reasons. Talking about quality is nonsense, just search twitter and read some better reviewer’s reviews. This is the first movie I watched alone(a good experience, you don’t have to be angry whenever your friends phones beeps or he start caring about you),my phone was switched off(doesn’t matter, I am forever alone kind of guy ) and I did what I wanted, no other offer could stop me.
There is a quote in movie which says if a person wakes up after 15 years of comma, he would prefer to go again in comma. Have we changed that much, isn’t all the revolutions is supposed to make our life simpler, nearer. Are we becoming a machine, which erases past small memories of joy? When do we start losing interest in life and convert into daily routine? These are few questions which arise when you watch a beauty on big screen.
Lunch Box isn’t a movie, it’s our daily life which when we stop and watch closely then see its beauty and the things we are missing. Saajan is going to retire in a month, has lost his wife got no life. Illa is a married widow who tries very hard to impress her husband in her own way, Cooking. Sheikh comes to train under saajan, full of life (somehow he reminded me bit of George Bailey).This movie is about emotions, small little photons of a happy life. One misplaced Tiffin (which happens rarely, if you are suspicious then ask Harvard University or Prince of England) and a sweet little love story starts. This movie has got all the flavor of daily life…Middle life crisis(Ila),loss of purpose(Saajan),just play with life (Sheikh),faith in love(Aunty),an utopian world(Bhutan…where GDP doesn’t matter Gross national happiness matters )pain of losing someone when even you know it’s for the best…these are few, take my word watch the movie, you will be mesmerized. I don’t want to spoil your fun, if you are planning to watch it. Just watch it, fall in love with bollywood again. I didn’t want any other reason for watching since two powerhouse actor Irrfan and Nawaazudin are together in the movie after short movie “Bypass”, but Nimrat Kaur, what a revelation Cadbury girl!! And thank you omnipresent aunty ji for your powerful tips and love.

Ritesh Batra, don’t worry for Oscar nomination, you just stole viewer hearts with this simple piece of beauty.

P.S: I kind of like open endings since it gives viewer something to create so its all well for me.