No harm in trying

Walking in silence
An avalanche inside.

Determined to propose inner thoughts
Arbitrating mind and heart fights.

Fueled by emotions
Suppressed by thoughts.

Saw her away smiling
Forgot all the thing.

Ain’t a piece of beauty
No one has right to say.

Desire to know her more
Heart skipped a beat.

Occasional Greetings are better
Mind threw the chargesheet.

You are not that cool
Missing nearly all the likable tool.

Remembered my morning face
Self confidence etc. at a slower pace.

Better to keep it that way
It was mind’s last say.


Sorry with a foggy mind
Came cheerful she doesn’t mind.

A friendly conversation
With mind not at the right station.

Trying to write a poem
Stuck on the podium.

With a lot to say
Words stuck on the way.

Try on other idea
Came a puzzled look.

It’s a delicious sweet pea
Which I have to cook.

Less on rhyme and words
Yet has the courage to make the perfect sword.

No harm in trying
Else will regret dying.

Creating a soft wound on the soul
Found that missing precious tool.

Saw my destination away
Determined heart and mind further obeyed.