HIghway:Not a Journey for masses

So i saw highway in a cheap theater(*still Rs. 100) and ruined it for myself but got a lot of experience.

Like everyone, i fell in love with Jab We Met not because it was an awesome movie but it was because of Kareena 🙂 The character of geet was so brilliantly played by kareena. She was the girl who was breaking the stereotypes was cheerful was so sure about his life. She succumbed due to society mostly because of his boyfriend reluctance to fight against the society. It also showed that how one’s life influence other. Aaditya from a suicidal point becoma a man and a big corporate honcho and in the end he changed the way Geet was going.It was fresh and gained momentum after starting slow business.
Then i saw Socha naa tha which was supposed to be the mother of Jab We Met.It was good but pathetically slow and everybody knew what is going to happen.
Then Love Aaj kal and Rockstar which let me down a bit. Rockstar worked because of Ranbir, Rehman and timing and connect with youths.Then it came into mind that what is next for Imtiaz.How many more love flicks then here comes his dream project Highway which was made earlier for TV but on a small scale.
Trailer,songs were more than sufficient to put it in my watch list and frankly it made my day. Few of the expression that came in form of 140 characters is following:

Yes,it is that good.But the people in the halls were so bad that in the end we had to fight to shut them up and to our surprise most of the people supported the cause,AAP effect may be.

this movie is not story driven but character driven,two characters with dark past on a kidnapped journey where both were changing each other without even knowing.It reminded me of Memoir of murderer(*must watch) where two leads character changes themselves with time. This movie raises the social taboo and the silence to not raise any voice.Alia gives the performance which is not very often expected from bollywood divas and Randip Hooda silently did the job.


Its not a journey movie,it is more than that.It raises two issues which is still not discussed in the open.In the second half when i thought it is being stretched,comes a bullet and BC(*Indian slang) and camera solely focused on Alia who gives such a powerful performance.I am sure that Alia fans number must be increasing exponentially after this movie. I am going to praise here any more if you love quality cinema or don’t go to theater by making the excuse that Bollywood doesn’t make quality movie then it’s for you.Just go and watch it and make it successful commercially.

Few of the viewers who are accustomed to toilet jokes,Item dance were crying that it had no story line,nothing good. For them i have to say only one thing,FUCK OFF.