In the world of Hollow Sycophancy

The desire to know other persons life without a true conversation by social networking is in trend. There’s always one or more tabs opened based on the premise that something will happen. Some people take this job as a vigilante and use their following talents at future critical moments like; you are a convict left free earlier. They remain anonymous but keep tab on others with utmost dedication.

These tabs on the browser are like a seller tab; only difference is that they take time instead of money.Happily for us, time and water have no price and we believe in procrastination with pride and hope our efficiency to cover up the time which we never think about in future.Thank god,time has no value these days,being a procrastinator is sexy these days.

There is a trivial intelligent line that Time is money but who cares about it.So, Let’s talk about mark twain and many more unknown famous thinker quotes .Proudly, we do our jobs very well by liking or sharing the torch of knowledge.

Somewhere on the path, we have lost the art of conversation. It is easier to talk or poke by wires than real conversation. Dunbar’s number theory has failed miserably in the rush of near thousand or plus virtual close friends. The ultimate urge to find respect without doing anything relevant is the new fashion.

Most of the virtual shades of a person’s behavior is sitting on the tabs one click away and in some cases and hopefully in some cases we are out of topics but full of cute puppies and cool memes. We are blind and deaf by current trends and bombardment of information that we don’t need and we are so happy in that world that we don’t have any perception gained from real-life experiences. No one got enough time for real world. Some time if we go to the real world then it is just for the sake of content gathering for social web.

There was a time in our childhood, when we used to make fun of sycophants who took pleasure in adulation in the exchange of it. Coming back to present, the second trade has gone viral and there is no shame or fear of fun in sycophancy, it has become collaborative. You do me a favor and I will return it back and it goes on forever. Once you break the deal you are out of favors. But, All these favors is based on the premise that it should make us look good. You put one foot wrong and you are out of this collaborative sycophancy conspiracy. If someone try to revolt and try to be their real self then labeled as obscene, too much expressive, Sadist etc.

So, to become the star of everyone’s eye you need to remain trendy, updated, cool and collaborative.