Arsenal:26.12.2013 Feeling Something Beautiful if… #WHUARS

Boring, Boring Chelsea chant by Arsenal fans is over, but to be frank this bus technology provided them a CL recently and a point against more creative and deserving side…away from their home. So we should concentrate on more our team performance rather than their blunt attitude.
We have one of the biggest and most creative midfield in premier league (Man City is negligibly low overall IMO) still we had only one shot on the goal and a clear penalty shout. I know that Chelsea played with 3 defensive midfielders and ref. was too kind on them still this statistics is just awful after more than a week’s rest. We lacked the hunger to be on the Top of the League. Still it’s not bad and we are 2nd only on goal difference.
Half of the season is nearly over and if we win against West Ham and New Castle, we can finish half season with top position and minor 2-3 point difference. We can’t take any match easily but the way Arsenal has played against mid table clubs or lower clubs is surprising this season. As an Arsenal fan, I feel confident during these matches and most of the time we score goals in first 2 minutes (*Touch wood). London derby is always difficult and New Castle is going through a good phase, so we have to be alert and determined to get all three points in each matches. Our 20th match is against Cardiff and if all go right then it will affirm our contender ship more.
Matches against all the big Five are over and we won 2 lost 2 and Drew 1. Only loss that hurts me is against me City. We were outclassed in that much, it may be due to fatigue or IMO a bit of bad luck, bad day, their confidence level after beating Bayern and their Goliath bench strength. Apart from this, we were confident and after Chelsea match I got a little feeling that we can win the league if …
a) Buy one Striker
Each Big team has at least three striker but we are gambling with one striker. This was the point of heavy discussion with one fellow Gooner that we at least need one above average striker in January if we can’t get an awesome big name in winter transfer.
Liverpool=Struddige, Suarez, Aspas
Arsenal= Giroud, Lord Bendtner (?), ?
Chelsea= Torress, Ba, Eto
Tott.= Penaldado, Adebahore, Defoe
City= Aguero, Negredo, Dzeko and Jovetic
Even Everton has Lukaku, Mirallas and few more.

Now tell me how are we suppose to pip down City logically and realistically?

I think that wenger can try to fit Podolski in central position but it failed last season and testing again at such good stage would be harsh to fans waiting for a trophy. Mr. Wenger surprise us again in January, Will You?


b) Match Against Bayern

Every Gooner will agree that we finished top four in 2012-2013 season due to win at Allianz Arena. We couldn’t go to the next round but it gave us lift and determination and from negative spiral (*AVB seriously) we are here now. Life has come into full circle and we again got Munich. But, be realistic… we can’t beat rampant Bayern now. But a good performance against them will lift us or vice Versa. It will depend upon Le Proff. that how he manage the team after the fixture or between the fixture?

Somehow if, we can pull of a win then… Frankly, I can’t imagine. Prove me wrong, GUNNERS.

First, let’s hope to do it at Upton Park. #COYG